Whistle Blowing Instructions:

  1. Place whistle in mouth with the tab up or down.
  2. Hold it firmly with your lips while letting them close around the whistle blocking any airspace. You want to still be able to see the whistle in your mouth, don't completely enclose it.
  3. Place your tongue against the back of the whistle to stop air from going underneath it.
  4. Notice the teeth are not touching the whistle.
  5. Blow GENTLY from the diaphragm, almost as if you were exhaling.
  6. Try to keep your mouth dry as lots of saliva makes it difficult.
  7. Air must pass through the top hole only.
  8. Vary the tone by raising and lowering the back of the tongue.
  9. Practice, Practice, Practice! Don't feel bad if it doesn't work for you right away. For some people it takes a while; others may get it on the first couple tires.
Whistle Diagram