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Wellscroft Fence Clinic
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WFS Fence Clinic

Wellscroft would like to thank everyone who attended our 30th Aannual Fence Clinics on Saturday, May 6th and Sunday, May 7th, 2017. We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and left with lots more knowledge and information about agricultural fencing than when they arrived. If you did not receive an e-mail with the link to the survey, please contact us to let us know. We would appreciate any feedback about our clinic so that we can improve future clinics.

We will be hosting the clinic again in 2018, the first full weekend in May.
Below is the typical schedule for the clinic:

TalksThe morning session will concentrate on portable and semi permanent electric fence systems and theirBuilding Fence applications, including a discussion of intense rotational grazing, a superior method of pasture management. This includes polywire, rope and tape systems for horses, cattle, and sheep as well as wildlife control. Participants will familiarize themselves with fence building techniques by actually putting up and taking down electric netting and reel systems, and will learn the importance of a good grounding system. There will also be a discussion of battery and solar energizers, volt meters, gateways, and most importantly, how to educate animals to electric fence. This session may take place indoors if weather dictates. We will finish up with a discussion and tour of low tension semi-permanent fences. Hands-on building!

   The afternoon session will focus on the construction of permanent fencing solutions such as Bekaert fixed knot woven wire fence, electric high tensile smooth wire, and Centaur HTP rail systems. There will be a demonstration of the King Hitter Post DemonstrationsPounder and various tools used to facilitate fence construction. Every one will have an opportunity to participate in the building of a corner assembly as well as the stretching, splicing and tying off of Solidlock woven wire fence. There will also be a tour to show you several different styles of these fences. Participants will learn the proper method of mounting and grounding an energizer and how to protect it from lightning. Representatives from Speedrite, Centaur, King Hitter and Solidlock will be available to answer your questions as well as give demonstrations.

You are welcome to come for either or both sessions. Bring a box lunch if you are coming for the day, or there are two restaurants nearby. Remember to dress warmly as most of the clinic is conducted outdoors. The clinic will be held rain or shine. For more information, call Wellscroft Fence at 603-827-3464.

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