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Trellising Solutions from Wellscroft

Behind any good vineyard or orchard is a good support system on which fruit can grow. Wellscroft has competitive prices on quality materials needed to construct and maintain your trellis. We carry a variety of Class 3 high-tensile wire; a wide selection of pressure-treated, cedar wood posts; and all the hardware and tools that are necessary for installing your trellis systems. We also offer a range of wildlife exclusion options for your orchards and small fruits.


Got Questions?

There are many factors that can make your fence project unique and might require alternative or additional materials than the products shown on this page. If you have questions or would like to discuss your project with a Wellscroft Fence Expert, please contact us today by calling toll-free 1-855-327-6336 or click on the button below. If you're just beginning a fence project, a great place to get started is our Estimating Your Fence page.


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  1. Knipex Spring Loaded Cushion Grip Cutters


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    Knipex professional center cutters with an added comfort handle and durable spring for faster, safer repetitive cuts. Learn More
  2. Knipex High-Tensile Wire Cutters


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    For a quality cutting tool, you can't go wrong with these Knipex professional center cutters with plastic coated handles. Learn More
  3. Dare High-Tensile Wire Cutters


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    Easy to use and economical wire cutting tool. Learn More
  4. Nonew

    Gripple Contractor Tensioning Tool


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    Designed for the serious contractor, this Gripple Tool is made with steel components and longer handles for more leverage. Learn More

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