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Non-electric Netting

We recommend Smart Net Bird Netting to protect your small fruit crops and vineyards from aerial predation. This netting is deployed across an overhead network of high-tensile wires supported by wood posts to provide maximum protection for mature fruit that is most susceptible to attack. At the end of the season, the netting is retracted and wrapped for winter storage.

In addition to heavy-duty woven wire (pg. 56-60), Wellscroft offers some simpler, more economical alternatives for non-electric deer exclusion. Smart Net Deer Net comes in 96" tall rolls. The 2" x 2" polyethylene mesh netting is easily installed using rope, bungee cords, and tent stakes which can be taken down seasonally or left up for year-round protection. Another option is 91" tall plastic Tenax, a popular choice for nurseries and home gardeners because it is lightweight and easy to install using minimal tools. Leave it up year-round, or take it down during the winter. 

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  1. Smart Net Clips


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    Clips secure the Smart Net to the overhead support system so it can easily slide to an end and be rolled up for storage. Learn More
  2. Smart Net Bird Netting, 32.8' x 337'


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    Smart Net Bird Netting is an overhead system that protects small fruit and vineyards from birds and other aerial predators. Learn More

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  3. C-Ring Fasteners


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    11/16" fasteners made of 16 gauge galvanized steel hold Tenax to support line, curl to form ring 3/8" in diameter. 2,500/box. Learn More
  4. C-Ring Applicator Pliers


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    These special crimping pliers are used to attach Tenax netting to a support line with C-rings. Learn More
  5. Smart Net Cord


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    660' roll of black UV protected polyethylene cord for joining Smart Net anti-deer netting. Learn More
  6. Smart Net Anchor


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    In uneven ground, it may be necessary to use anchors to hold the Smart Net anti-deer net to the ground. Anchors are 2' long. Learn More

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  7. 8" Zip Ties


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    Use cable ties to secure the Smart Net to T-posts and wood posts. They come in packages of 100, and are available in 8" or 11". Learn More
  8. Poly-Line for Tenax


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    Poly-line used to support Tenax plastic netting to reduce sag, 8 gauge (about 1/8" diameter), black. Learn More

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