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Materials Checklist | Sheep
Electric Semi-permanent Checklist
  • Choose the conductor: Netting, Polywire, Rope, Tape, Wire, etc.
  • Energizer – Plug-in, Battery, Solar
  • Battery (if not using 110v)
  • Ground rod & clamp
  • Posts
  • Insulators (if not using molded posts)
  • Fence tester & alert
  • Warning signs
Electric High-tensile Checklist
  • Smooth wire – steel or aluminum
  • Bracing materials
    - brace pins
    - brace wire (speed brace or smooth wire)
    - strainers
    - staples
  • Heavy duty compression springs
  • Corner insulators
  • Gates & latches
  • Insulated wire
  • Assembly Tools
Non-electric Checklist
  • Woven wire
  • Wood posts
  • Steel T-posts & clips (optional)
  • Bracing materials
  • Gates & latches
  • Assembly tools


Sheep Fencing from Wellscroft

Your best fencing choices depend upon whether you are looking for a rotational grazing and/or predator control solution for your sheep. Wellscroft carries a range of electric and non-electric perimeter and boundary fencing to meet your needs.


Got Questions?

There are many factors that can make your fence project unique and might require alternative or additional materials than the products shown on this page. If you have questions or would like to discuss your project with a Wellscroft Fence Expert, please contact us today by calling toll-free 1-855-327-6336 or click on the button below. If you're just beginning a fence project, a great place to get started is our Estimating Your Fence page.



Download Our Sheep Fencing Flyer

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  1. Quick Ground ElectroStop® 10/42/12 x 164'

    Self-grounding net for use with sheep, goats, and bear exclusion. 42" high with 10 horizontals and vertical struts every 12". Learn More
  2. ElectroFence™ Gate 48' x 7.5', Green


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    This 48" high electric net gate is designed to allow you to enter/exit netting without turning off your energizer. Learn More
  3. 48" High, 13-48-6, Bezinal, 330' Roll


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    Fixed-knot woven wire, Bezinal coating, 30 year guarantee. 13 horizontals, 48" high, 6" between verticals, 330' roll. Learn More

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