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Estimating Semi-Permanent

Estimating a Semi-Permanent Fence

When a permanent fence is not needed or isn’t feasible, there are many ways to achieve one’s goals using materials that can be set up and taken down once a day or once every few years. Semi-permanent fence includes electric netting and any conductor that can be wound up on a reel for storage. It is quick to install because lightweight posts are used and very rarely is a wood post needed.

Estimating Your Fence Example


Estimating Your Fence Key

Questions to Consider When Estimating a Semi-permanent Fence

1. How long will the semi-permanent fence need to last?

2. How often will it be moved? Will this be done with reels or net?

3. Does it need to be used in the winter?

4. Will it be visible to both predators and livestock?

5. What is the animal/predator pressure?

6. How many and what type of gates will be used?

7. Will it need a solar or battery energizer because it is away from a power source?

8. Does the conductor have the conductivity to do the job? Will it be able to power up other fences?

9. What type is the most efficient use of lanes?

10. Can trees with a board attached be used as posts?