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Deer Grates

Deer & Cattle Grates


Cattle GuardNEW! We are excited to announce that we now have our exclusive brand of Wellscroft-manufactured Deer & Cattle Grates. We have been designing and perfecting our new grates over the past year and the first batch has already been delivered and installed. 

SIZES: We have varying sizes and lengths and we can even customize a grate to meet your exact size and specifications. Each grate has the option to include a 'clean out' removable section for cleaning out dirt and debris (see below right). These gates are solid, heavy-duty, and built to stand up to heavy loads and years of traffic. They can be ordered with a variety of coatings:

  • Galvanized
  • Industrial Epoxy Coating (variety of colors available)
  • Galvanized with Powder Coating
  • Bare Carbon Steel
  • Weathering Steel

HOW TO ORDER: If you have questions about pricing, availability, and ordering, please give us a call at 855-327-6336.

Deer Guard