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Kinghitter Vendor Logo

Kinghitter post drivers are designed and manufactured by Fairbrother Industries, a family-owned New Zealand company that’s a living example of how Kiwi ingenuity creates products that lead the world. Jim Fairbrother invented the world’s first hydraulic post driver in 1977 and he continues to lead our research and development.

Where it all started…

Fairbrother Industries Limited is a privately owned New Zealand company established in 1977 by the present owner James Fairbrother.

Jim Fairbrother qualified as a tradesman Engineer in the 1960′s and was employed in various engineering roles including years at sea as a Marine Engineer First Officer.

Pursuing a desire to become self-employed, Jim purchased the business of King Hitter Post Drivers™ Ltd. The main product consisted of a mechanical post rammer, fitted as a detachable implement and operating off the hydraulics of a tractor. Jim, well known for his lateral thinking, immediately identified the shortcomings of the original machine and set to work on the creation of the present day Kinghitter hydraulic postdriver. Jim to date has not found another postdriver with the speed, accuracy and user friendliness of Kinghitter, and deservedly calls it “The World's Most Serious Postdriver”.

Kinghitter is a superior product in the market place. With its unique patented design it provides more features and options than other post drivers for the placing of a post into the ground.

The company has a strong commitment to after sales service as it's our job to ensure every Kinghitter owner is made to feel part of the Fairbrother family.