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Wellscroft Testimonials

  • In today's impersonal, internet sales oriented environment, what a breath of fresh air it was dealing with Dave and his crew at Wellscroft fence.  They offered good old fashioned customer service, along with some of the best prices.  My experience has been great from start to finish.   From Dave spending quality time with me on the phone and demonstrating the different fencing alternatives on-site to the front office searching for the most reasonable and inexpensive options for shipping.   Wellscroft has "earned" me as a long-term customer and I would not go anywhere else for my fencing needs.
    ~ Tom G., Mattituck, NY
  • We had to replant our vegetable garden 3 times this year due to pests digging up seeds and destroying plants.  After the second planting was destroyed we contacted Wellscroft and they recommended one of their electric fence solutions.  Once the fence was in place, no more plants were damaged!  We were able to salvage our growing season and I retained my sanity!  Thank you to Wellscroft for a great product and great customer service!
    ~ Chris Z., Lincoln, MA
  • Twenty-five years ago I purchased the first part of our high-tensile fencing from Wellscroft Fence Systems.  They gave excellent advice on how to install and maintain it.  The charger has been replaced due to lightning, but otherwise the fence is almost as good as new.  Having just expanded my fence, I went back to Wellscroft.  I feel the product they sell has been well researched and tested, and I am looking forward to another 25 years of trouble-free fencing.
    ~ Soren R., Athol, MA
  • We’ve been using your poultry netting for a few years now, and have never had a loss from predators.  A few days ago, in the middle of the night, we heard a pack of coyotes in the yard, yipping and howling.  We knew they had their sites set on the turkeys and geese we are raising.  After a few minutes we heard a yelp, and then they were gone.  One of them had touched the fence.  They haven’t been back.  Thanks Wellscroft.
    ~ Deirdre O., Harrisville, NH
  • My Wellscroft Farm fencing was installed almost 25 years ago and I am amazed at how well it has stood up through all the difficult winters including a major ice storm in 2008.  It has never split even after large trees have fallen on it. A simple bending back of the stays makes it look like new. It was one of the best investments I have ever made.
    ~ Bruce F., The Friendly Farm, Dublin, NH
  • From the very first call, the folks at Wellscroft Fence were far more interested in making sure I was receiving all of the guidance and advice for a project I was about to start than they were in trying to make a sale.  This particular attention to helping a customer vs. selling product was not only appreciated, it truly helped ensure that the project would be a success.  The project; building an H-brace structure that would support a three-tier double wire front yard grape trellis was a first of a kind  - no one had heard of one like this before.  With their expert guidance and help, the end result was exactly what I was hoping for.  Thank you, Wellscroft Fence.
    ~ David Q.  Milford, NH
  • Wellscroft is the go-to company for portable fencing.  Whether solar or plug-in, poultry, large livestock, dogs or other critters, they will talk you through what you will need.  You call them, tell them what you want to do, they will help you figure out the most efficient and cost effective ways to do it.  I always list them in “Resource List” when I do presentations and workshops.  Thanks Wellscroft!
    ~ Anne Farrell, Millstone Farm, Wilton CT
  • The Speedrite 1000 I purchased from you folks last fall and activated early this spring is working beyond all expectations.  My wife now has tulips she didn’t even know were in the garden!  Not only are there no deer in our yard, they are also absent from our immediate neighbor! The 8 to 10 have been reported at the other end of the development.
    You all were a pleasure to work with, both friendly and courteous. Thank you.
    ~ Roy K., Old Town, ME