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Holiday Gifts to Spoil Your Farmer!

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    Milwaukee M18 FUEL Utility Fencing Stapler, Bare Tool


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    The Milwaukee® M18 FUEL Utility Fencing Stapler delivers unmatched performance in a completely battery-powered solution. This stapler delivers the power to seat up to 600 staples per charge (on a CP3.0 battery) into the toughest fence posts, including hardwoods like locust. The Milwaukee Fencing Stapler provides users a 6X increase in productivity and a reduction in peak muscle effort compared to manual staple installation.

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  2. Beekeeper's Solar Starter Kit

    This kit has everything the beginning apiarist needs to protect up to 6 beehives inside a 15’ diameter heptagon using a solar energizer. Additional sections of netting can be purchased to make a larger area. Learn More
  3. Stockade ST400i Cordless Fencing Stapler

    Stockade ST400i is the world’s first 9 Gauge cordless fencing stapler which makes fencing faster, easier and safer. Learn More
  4. Speedrite Fault Finder


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    Check fence voltages and find faults quickly. Visual and audible directional fault finder. Replaceable 9 V battery. Learn More
  5. Knipex Spring Loaded Cushion Grip Cutters


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    Knipex professional center cutters with an added comfort handle and durable spring for faster, safer repetitive cuts. Learn More
  6. Quick Ground ElectroStop® 10/42/12 x 164'

    Self-grounding net for use with sheep, goats, and bear exclusion. 42" high with 10 horizontals and vertical struts every 12". Learn More
  7. IntelliTape™, 1320'


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    Highly visible 1/2" narrow tape due to contrasting colors. Effective for deer, horses and cattle. Life span of at least 5 years. Learn More
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    Speedrite S1000 Solar Energizer

    1.0 joule output to fence. Durable monocrystalline 10-watt solar panel secured by a tough UV and weather resistant enclosure. Learn More
  9. STOCKade Staplemate Tool

    The best staple puller to date! Extract 9 gauge (4mm) staples out of pine and hardwoods with ease using only one hand. Learn More
  10. Multi Tool


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    A quality tool that crimps 2-3 and 3-4 size sleeves, strips and cuts wire. It has compact handles and heat-treated steel jaws. Learn More
  11. Speedrite Solar 2J Energizer


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    These solar systems are built using the reliable Speedrite 2 joule energizers. Galvanized components with 20-watt solar panel. Learn More

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  12. Mechanical Wire Twister


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    This professional quality cordless drill attachment saves time joining rolls of woven wire or when tying off around end posts. Learn More
  13. Smart Net Bird Netting, 50' x 100'


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    Smart Net Bird Netting is an overhead system that protects small fruit and vineyards from birds and other predators. Learn More

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  14. Speedrite 6000i Energizer


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    This remote capable 6 joule Unigizer includes remote control, a 110V AC adaptor and 12V battery leads. Learn More
  15. MaxiShock™, 1320'

    MaxiShock™ is a flexible, low-tension cable made up of 7 twisted strands of class 4 galvanized steel with thick zinc coating. Learn More

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